Crossword Irutsk region

1. What does buuz look like?
2. Buuz`s binding ingredient is …?
3. What should you eat buuz with?
4. What is the title given to the drama theatre in Irkutsk?
5. Where was N. P. Okhlopkov born?
6. One of the previous names of graph Speransky`s square is …?
7. What is now situated right in the centre of graph Speransky`s square?
8. What was situated right in the centre of Tikhvinskaya square in the 18th century?
9. During which season there is a main symbol of the holiday on graph Speransky`s square?
10. What was Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary built from?
11. What originally planned to be opened in the 80s of the 20th century in Roman Catholic Church of Irkutsk?
12. What is considered to be an essential part of Roman Catholic Church of Irkutsk?
13. The most famous Ethnographic Open Air Museum in the Irkutsk region is …?
14. One of the crafts that are being recreated in the present time in Talzy?
15. Native inhabitants of the Baikal region are …?
16. On the bank of which river is Ethnographic Open Air Museum located on?
17. What is the name of evenks` houses?
18. One of the first built factory villages in Eastern Siberia is …?
19. By whose order Telma was built?
20. What is located next to the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Telma?
21. It is considered that church survived only by the forces of …?
22. Which place did the church in Thelma take in the “Historical Renovation” category of Baumit Life Challenge 2020?
23. There are plans to revive a children's … in Telma.
24. On which holiday do people hold a competition of ice figures?